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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Pawan loved for his character, ideologies: Nagababu (Video)

Pawan KalyanNaga Babu is one of the very few people close to Pawan Kalyan. The Mega producer in a recent TV show revealed the real personality of his younger brother.

To a question on what was Pawan like, Nagababu replied, “Kalyan is very human, straight-forward and honest person. He doesn’t focus on unnecessary issues, but goes to any extent if he takes up any thing. If you observe him closely, you get the doubt – Could anyone lead such a life? The help he offered to anyone wouldn’t see light. He is fearless and good at heart," he said.
"I will tell you an example: An elderly gentleman told me that Kalyan gave scope for other heroes in Industry to surpass him by slowing down at the time of Johnny. I didn’t understand what he actually meant and later asked Kalyan’s reaction to that particular comment. Then, Kalyan said: ‘Such a thinking comes from insecurity feeling. That’s just an illusion and I have no fear about such matters.

In this Universe, everyone has gets the opportunity to prove himself. If more heroes prove successful, it would only benefit the Industry.' I didn’t understand what he meant then, but today it has proven right.”

“Even our family members wonder why so much craze for only Kalyan. Telugu Industry has seen some of the greatest actors. In my opinion, Kalyan is neither a great actor nor dancer, but a reasonable good actor and just manages to shake his leg. People love him because of his character and ideologies,” he added.
Naga Babu about Pawan Kalyan's Nature

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