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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Roja's Bold Comments On All Heroes

Actress Roja openly expressed her views and experiences she had with various big heroes.  Talking to Sakshi Daily, she said when asked about Chiranjeevi, “I was very close to her family members.  Even Mrs Surekha Chiranjeevi once said that I was the only heroine to dance in sync with Chiranjeevi’s dances after Radha. But once we entered in politics, Chiranjeevi turns his face away from me whenever I happen to face him. He is very sensitive and I said many times that he cannot fit into politics with his tender heart. One has to take things easily in this field”.
And saying about Venkatesh she said, “Once Selvamani was directing a film with Venkatesh in which I was female lead. I was not married by then, but in deep love with Selvamani. He left to his home taking break from shoot to celebrate birthday. I too started to go to him. At the same time I got intimation that Venkatesh was calling me. But I said, Selvamani is more important to me than anyone else now. With that Venkatesh was hurt and never placed me beside him in his subsequent films. Though many of the Tamil movie sin which I played female lead wee remade with Venkatesh as hero, I was never given chance to pair up with him”.
Opening her memories about Kamal Hasan and Rajni Kanth actress turned politician Roja said,, “Once I expressed my view about Kamal Hasan’s films saying that there wouldn’t be scope for heroine to perform other than kissing his lips. I was boycotted forever by him. Similarly once I said that story is more important for me than the hero when I got chance to act with Rajni Kanth. Rajni fans made big hungama demanding my elimination from casting. But finally I continued with him”.
Apart from heroes, she also threw mud on Chandrababu saying that he betrayed her by not giving value for her. “I thought to tattoo the letters TDP on my hand forever. But Chandrababu betrayed me. He gave positions for all those who raised voice against him but ignored me. Hence I came out from the party”.

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