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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Telangana to set up separate film committee

Filmmakers from the soon-to-be new state of Telangana have expressed interest in setting up a separate film committee called 'Telangana Cinema Force' to formulate new guidelines to defend the process of filmmaking and exhibition in the state.
"All these years, the Telugu film industry has been run by rich and influential people, but we won't let that happen anymore. We are on the verge of setting up a film chamber as well as a union to protect members of our film family in Telangana," director N. Shankar, who will head the soon-to-be-formed 'Telangana Cinema Force', said.
On July 30, it was announced that Andhra Pradesh would be divided to carve out a separate Telangana state. "The Telangana film fraternity has more than 500-odd members, including filmmakers, actors and even technicians. We all intend to come together to set up Telangana film chamber, committee and even a union to make our own films and exhibit them. Films made by Telangana filmmakers all these years had very limited release due to monopolisation of rich producers," he added.
Over the years, Telugu films such as "Jai Bolo Telangana", "Encounter", "Maa Bhoomi" and "Daasi", have come out of Telangana.
"All kinds of films should be supported by the industry. Our films always had a very limited release because none of them had any star actors. We want to redefine the producer-distributor relationship and ensure our films too have wider release," he said.
"We don't want to make star-studded films. We want to make films that will showcase the cultural values and tradition of our state. We don't even have a studio or film schools to nurture talent. We will request our government to look into this matter," said Shankar.
He wants that the Telangana film industry should be treated on a par with others."Bengali, Bhojpuri and even Marathi industries are being recognised for their films, but not Telangana. We have made some award-winning films as well. We don't want to feel discriminated. We like to be treated as other film industry," he added.
"There are several low-budget films being made here, but nobody ever gets to see them. Films such as 'Hyderabadi Nawab' were critically acclaimed, but audiences only happen to watch them illegally, and not in cinemas," he said. Shankar admits it will be a time-consuming process.
"The change may happen only over a course of few years, but if we don't start now, then we are likely to never see change take place," he added.

Chennai -IANS

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