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Monday, 9 September 2013

National Media Blasted Ram Charan! for Zanjeer

Ramcharan in Zanjeer Toofan
Here are the lines written about him in national media:

Rediff: Unimpressive Ram, a cop so tough he wears only two inscrutable expressions. My heart goes out to his fans that will have to sit through this tediously trashy film.

IBN Live: Ram Charan comes off as stiff as a wax statue in his Bollywood debut, which barely any emotion, forget brooding anger. His biceps pop out of his uniform, but he barely flexes his facial muscles.

DC: Ram Charan doesn't look like he is made of flesh and blood. He looks pasty and his face is uniquely two-dimensional- he resembles those virtual creations, the guys who get energized on hand-held play stations at the press of few buttons.

ZEE News: Ram Charan Teja seems to have just remembered to sulk for the most part of the 'angry young man' he is supposed to portray.

One India: Ram Charan bashed for emotionless face

Bollywood Life: Telugu Superstar Ram is quite disappointing

First Post: Priyanka, Ramacharan murder Amitabh-Jaya's classic

Hindustan Times: I haven't seen any of Ram Charan's films but here he works with just two expressions.

Indian Express: Ram Charan is more fumble than finesse.

Mid-Day: Oh yes, Ram Charan has a great body and walks around like a cat with hangers for shoulders. But alas, that obviously is not enough. Only if he had watched the 'Zanjeer' DVD again and again.

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