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Saturday, 31 March 2018

Rangasthalam review

Rangasthalam review
Cast: Ram Charan as Chitti Babu, Samantha as Ramalaxmi ,Aadi pinusetty as Kumar Babu, Anasuya Bharadwaj as Rangamatta, Pooja Hedge as Jigelu Rani and Jagapathi Babu
Director: Sukumar
Banner: Mythri Movie Makers
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Plot: Rangasthalam revolves around the life of a village simpleton Chitti Babu and his fight to ensure justice to the people of his village.
Rangasthalam Movie Rating: 4.5/5

Rangasthalam is an emotional drama set in a typical rural setting of the 80s not that today's villages are any different. But the film in parts transports you back to your village memories If you have been to one that is because according to director Sukumar, the film was Charan's first experience of a village. But to think that may be true is unbelievable given the way Charan has completely got into the skin of the character. He's brilliant all the way and yet again proves his versatility.
Samantha is good too thanks to her look and expressions she can pass off as a true village girl. Now, about Jagapathi Babu...what can be said about him? He holds the same charm as a baddie as he did when he played hero in movies. He has evolved and bettered as an actor. Anasuya is a revelation while Aadi does justice to his character. Pooja Hedge is certainly not meant for item numbers for sure. The song is peppy but wrong choice of girl for Jigelu Rani.

Production values: Technically, the film is brilliant. The rustic setting, the cinamatography, the camera work makes the film worth a watch. A couple of songs are catchy and lingers even after you leave theatre. BGM in some scenes are excellent.

Verdict: The film reminds you of a few Tamil flicks with rural set up. Sukumar's direction deserves a special kudos while Charan shines all the way with his brilliant performance. A Perfect Masala entertainer with comedy, drama and action to keep you hooked. Go watch it this weekend.

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